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My adventure with Samoyed began in 1996.
Fascinated by the race I started the arduous search for a puppy which at that time was not so easy, because Samoyed was in our country, to put it mildly - not very popular. After long searching through advertisements in the press, finally I managed to find a kennel "Z Edkowej Zagrody" (one of the first Samoyed kennel in Poland). It was there, 7 July 1996 came to the world B litter whose parents are: DASCO Alatna - dog coming from the Czech kennel and female NEVE - imported to Poland from France. How huge was my joy when I found out that there is still available a dog with such a wonderful combination.
And then to our house arrived Bond z Edkowej Zagrody vel Monty (07.07.1996- 27.11.2008). It was a special dog - always able to sense the mood of household members, he shared with us the joys and sorrows. Thanks to him my children developed in themselves boundless love and respect for animals. When, after twelve years, he left behind the Rainbow Bridge, we felt it as a lost of a true friend.
After the departure of Monty very long time, because almost three years I could not decide to enter another a dog into our house. I was thinking about different races, inter alia about Japanese Akita. But it was for me quite unknown race (reported as being seen only on walks) - so I started to read and ......... I came to the conclusion that this was not a good idea. I know all breeds of dogs have something in itself, but under the same roof with us can only live Samoyed. After many hours of analysis and studying Polish Kennel I made a choice, and from 1 May 2011 Sonata Arctica BRITTA O'SNOWSTAR vel Mischa lived with us. Along with Mischa came back (although I do not know if I ever gone) fascination with Samoyed.
We tried our forces on the Dog Shows and through these meetings I envied that others are having more than one "Honky". After a short family council we decided - we have to have a second! As a result, 18 May 2012 visited us Sonata Arctica FANVIR XATHURSON vel Rico, who was also born in the breeding of Sonata Arctica.
I am very proud of both of Mischa and with Rico, because both despite of the very young age had many achievements at exhibitions.
In addition to these Samoyed`s ,in our house already lived a kitten Rudus (Pers) and dog Hairy (multiracial). It's a pretty diverse zoo - a great mix gets along and is really well-knit herd.
Having a dog is a great joy of communing with an animal that is with us despite of everything. I am also aware of the fact that it is a great responsibility spread over many years inter alia, for health or peaceful existence - our four-legged friend.

Therefore opting for such a lifestyle, where basically everything (trips, social life, work) is subordinated to the animals - I'm sure that the time spent in the company of my hairies will compensate sacrifices and inconveniences which may occur.


Beata Majchrowska
Snowy Symphony Samoyeds